Monday, 21 July 2014

Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla

Shore Thing takes place every Thursday (through August 28th), from 5-8 pm and includes free admission to the museum,  guided tours, music and an opportunity to purchase cocktails and pizza.

We had a very interesting guide and the museum itself is attractive (op art is especially fun).

But I am still wondering about the series of four paintings that featured a man with his hand in a shoe splattered with sweat or tear drops? And why are the shoes not on his feet?

While we meandered around the art and tried to figure it out, I couldn't help drifting to the windows and outdoor balcony because it is the view from the museum that is breath-taking.

And I didn't need to interpret what I was looking at.

… is all just THERE.

A Shore Thing just like the event.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Patio Crew

It was decided by my better half that laying a flagstone patio was something we could do, we should do and we'd like to do.

What is this 'we' business?

I was far more skeptical and ready to dial a contractor at a moment's notice.

But regardless of how the finished product turns out (and at this juncture with the last two stones being leveled, it is looking pretty fantastic), our patio project has forged stronger ties with our friends.

Who have pitched in to lift/carry heavy stones, chisel heavy stones, use the grinder on heavy stones, and level the heavy stones.

Did I mention that the stones are really heavy?

There was a lot of camaraderie and laughs and sweat.

And dirt and dust.

On some evenings, when there were too many engineers involved, there were also a lot of questions --- about our choice of layout, our choice of spacing and our overall technique!!!

Yep, it has been a bonding experience with an eclectic group…..a 28-year old Hawaiian buddy, German and Danish colleagues/friends, a Finnish family member (not blood relative but close enough) and a super energetic/fit female senior citizen (yes, age did not stop us from eliciting assistance).

We made sure our helpers left with a smile on their face (this was mainly due to the beer, wine or caipirinhas we served at the end of every shift).

Which was more exciting than the safety belts, knee pads and goggles we handed out as soon as they walked through our side gate.

So a big thanks to our entire patio crew, we love ya!

Laying the first stone (just Jason and I) before we got smart
and invested in body protection gear for back, knees, eyes.

It takes 2 or 3 people and 'hellooooo dolly' (see below) to get the big stones to the backyard.

Jason used wood, wheels, rope and carpet
remnants to make our transport dolly.

A Finn and a chisel makes for a very clean line!

"I know it's dark but you are not leaving until we get this stone set!"

Engineers at work --- many opinions but always great fun.

Using the tamper to pack the decomposed granite.

Gotta hurry, the World Cup Soccer game is starting soon.

Looking good but not quite done… (the patio not the outfit).

Stay tuned, will post pictures when stones are sealed, decomposed granite is stabilized and we are ready to entertain….

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Outdoor Movies

I vividly remember seeing Star Wars at a drive-in movie.

Packed into the back seat of my parent's 1960-something Mustang.

Attaching the speaker to a slightly-rolled-down window. The crackling noise when the sound came on.

Visiting the concession stand before the movie started.

Not sure how many drive-in theaters still exist but it is still possible to see current movies in the great outdoors.

Last night at our local park, the audience spread out on blankets and beach chairs, we watched as a blow up screen came to life:

If you live in or are visiting San Diego this summer, check out the possibilities!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Hobbling Along

Yep, that's my cane and no, I am not a 110.

Actually it is a borrowed cane as is the walker that I needed for the first day I was sidelined.

Diagnosis: Overdoing it.

Orthopedic Prescription: No more DIY patio project, REST, stay off the treadmill for awhile, REST, ice, REST, cortisone if needed, REST.

No surgery required!

It will heal itself.

Almost jumped off the exam table onto my bum knee when I heard the exciting news.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

4th of July Parade

In an effort to avoid most of the traffic and the biggest holiday crowds, we headed east from coastal San Diego and braved 100 degree temperature to watch a holiday parade weave its way around downtown Rancho Bernardo.

Lined with flag-waving, red-white-and-blue wearing spectators, the route featured marching bands and princesses and ghost-busters and local politicians.

Plus horses and tractors and golf carts and fire engines.

An eclectic mix for sure!

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Follow The Blue Bucket Hat!

Our dear friends are here from Finland for the summer and their little boy is just the right age to experience the San Diego County Fair.

Imagine being three years old and the first thing you see after having your ticket scanned is a walking talking taller-than-tall Transformer….it was rather difficult to tear him away (it occurred to me that our entire fair experience might take place only feet away from the main entrance!).

Luckily he was tempted by a visit to the animal barns. Moooooo. There were sheep to touch and bulls to admire. With the double fencing, we were too far back to even attempt to 'grab horns' (no sign needed).

Every once in awhile it was time to check in with baby sis and adjust her hat.

But the rides, oh the rides, they were the highlight.

Thank goodness he is a very tall boy so he was allowed to ride alone (and he did).

Although he shared the ferris wheel with his mom.

What a day! All smiles!

Watching his pastel blue bucket hat all afternoon as he lead us to the next adventure…

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Fake Butterfly

If this pink and brown butterfly was REAL it would have gone through four stages of metamorphosis - egg to larva to pupa to adult.

But this one started in a factory and then ended up at Armstrong Garden Center.

Seriously, who would buy this?

There are plenty of butterflies in nature.

Spend $12.99 to grow some flowers and attract them!