Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Charles Street

I love Boston. I worked in Boston. I have visited Boston many times since leaving.

Because it is old and historic, it feels the same and looks the same, even though restaurants come and go and new shops spring up.

Our August trip was all about western Massachusetts and getting to a wedding so we had very little time in our beloved Beantown.

But strolling down Charles Street did the trick.....

 Until next time!

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

W Hotel on Hollywood Blvd

We are not hipsters nor millennials.

That probably goes without saying.

But we were surrounded by them on Saturday at the W Hotel. 

It was a fun adventure, throbbing music and crowds and all (and just a short Uber drive to the Greek Theatre to see Bonnie Raitt in concert, where the crowd was significantly older and we knew the words to the songs).

.....here is what you can expect if you ever book yourself a room (and are graciously upgraded to a suite) in the heart of the city!

Lobby is quite glam!

No pockets so the cocktail server at the rooftop pool has to improvise.

In-room bar had quite the selection.

Love the Bliss bath products.

View from our bed.

The floor mat in the elevator on Saturday.

And on Sunday (yes, I live in flip flops, don't judge!)

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Eat Your Vegetables

Our summer garden has been quite fun for our little guests from Finland!

They run outside, fill their watering cans and make sure that all the plants get wet/soaked.

Before dinner there is the ritual of 'what is ready to pick' ----- carrots, cucumbers, mint, tomatoes, squash, peppers?

Still waiting for those darn strawberries to grow.

Then out comes the hose to rinse their harvest.

Appetizers consist of sliced raw vegetables, mint-infused water for the little ones and sprigs of rosemary for the adult gin and tonics.

Eating out of the garden, one of my favorite summer rituals!!!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Went from Wait List to Priority a week before taping!

Friends in front.
El Capitan Entertainment Center in the back.
Free tshirt was tossed into the crowd by the warm-up comedian!

Waiting in the back alley for the stars to depart.

If you live in Southern California it is a given that at some point you will see/meet/speak/photograph a celebrity because so many stars of television and film live here.

If you have friends visiting from the East Coast it is super fun to take them to a taping so that they can see celebrities up close and find out what goes on when a show is taped.

If you are lucky, you will get Priority Seating (which means you will get inside the studio and even if you land in the back row it is still a good seat as everything is much smaller than you would imagine).

If you are incredibly lucky, you will see the cast of the new Ghostbusters walk out and sit on Jimmy Kimmel's couch --- Melissa McCarthy! Kristen Wiig! Kate McKinnon! Leslie Jones!

If you are lucky beyond your wildest expectations…….halfway through the segment the original cast will join the gals on stage --- Bill Murray! Dan Aykroyd! Ernie Hudson! Annie Potts!

Akyroyd played harmonica and sang with Jimmy's band while Bill Murray danced with Kristen Wiig. It was amazing. The entire studio audience was on their feet screaming and clapping for the rest of the show (I lost my voice for days afterward and my girlfriend burst a blood vessel in her hand from clapping so hard).

What a night……who you gonna call ?

Here is the link to get tickets.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Bonfire at Moonlight Beach

One of the few San Diego beaches that still has fire pits. 

Who doesn't want to build a fire, watch a sunset, eat some dinner and watch the flames dance in the darkness.

We went old school with wood from fence posts and tree limbs, a couple of matches, twigs and some newspaper.

 And it worked out fine.

And the sunset was beautiful.

And the fire really took off when it got dark.

Nearby, were little kids in pajamas, a large group of high schoolers and a couple of families.

And just off to the left of us, there was a group that really meant business.

They carried a gallon jug of gasoline down the hill.

And one of the longest pallets I have ever seen at the beach.

There was shock and awe and screams of "I think the fire department might be coming by."

So for fun and fire and entertainment, check out Moonlight Beach, it is never boring!

Monday, 23 May 2016

Meat Cupcakes with Mashed Potato Frosting

I have a sweet tooth. Or perhaps sweet teeth is more apt.

I like chocolate and cake and candy and ice cream and all things sweet.

I have never understood people that don't have a sweet tooth.

Which brings me to my brother. Who always passes on dessert. Doesn't matter what kind. 

So for a milestone birthday, one has to be creative.

Hence a meat dessert.

That has an air of celebration about it.

Bake your favorite meatloaf or meatball recipe in individual portions in a cupcake tin (skip the liner, it will just get greasy). Bake, remove from pan and set them to cool on a wire rack.

Place on a pretty plate, platter or cake stand.

Whip up your favorite mashed potatoes and scoop into a piping bag (once they are cool enough to handle or use a kitchen towel to hold the piping bag).

Frost (realizing that it would have been wise to whip out all the lumps ahead of time).

Sprinkle/push in diced colorful bell peppers and thinly sliced scallions into the mashed potato frosting (in lieu of chocolate sprinkles).

Top with candles.

Light and sing Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Paper, Cotton, Leather, Linen……Garage Door

Anniversary gifts by the year --- 1 is Paper and 60 is Diamond.

There is a chart of gifts listed for all the years in between.

Like 13 is Lace.

The first of this month was our wedding anniversary and apparently we have made it to the 'sculpture' anniversary.

We have never followed the chart but I think this year we accidentally somewhat followed the etiquette of correct gift-giving:

  1. 1.
    the art of making two- or three-dimensional representative or abstract forms, especially by carving stone or wood or by casting metal or plaster.

As we had our new 'Happy Anniversary' garage door installed on April 1st.

Romance is alive and well.