Monday, 18 August 2014

Getting Ready to Camp

Six months ago we reserved a campsite on Palomar Mountain.

We booked it for six people - four Finnish friends + the two of us.

But now that we are just days away it has become a boys-only camping trip.

Not because the girls can't handle it. But our goddaughter, a real trooper, might keep the whole campground up at night if she were to decide that sleeping in a tent is not her thing.

Yesterday we had a trial run.

To get the 3-year old excited.

To make sure we had all the tent poles.

So midday, in the blazing heat (to replicate the 97-degree weather expected this weekend), we laid a ground cover, shoved in poles, hammered spikes, erected the big tent and ate some dirt.

Good time was had by all.

Hope the actual camping goes just as well!

Little guy handled the man-sized hammer without once hitting his thumb.

Our goddaughter assisted by bringing over poles.

And taste testing our soil.

Sleeping bags, check. Flashlights, check. Just need his teddy bear.

One is a little young for camping,
perhaps next year when she is two!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Everything is Awesome

When you are three years old and invited to your first MOVIE NIGHT!

We made it a big deal.

From the moment the little guy rang the doorbell.

Till he filled his bowl from the concession stand.

And popped in THE LEGO MOVIE from Netflix.

When concentration waned, we simply danced around the family room singing:

Everything is awesome
Everything is cool when you're part of a team
Everything is awesome, when we're living our dream

Best combos of the night:
Barefoot Contessa Killer Margaritas & Popcorn (for the adults)
Miniature Marshmallows and Pretzel Goldfish (for the kids)

Monday, 4 August 2014

Lawn Seats at the Pops Concert

"Ain't no mountain high enough, 
Ain't no valley low enough, 
Ain't no river wiiiiiiiide enough 
to keep me from getting to you babe!!!!!"

Oh yeah, I was belting that out like I was a back up singer.

Love that song.

During the chorus I was tempted to drown out the beautiful voice of Ellis Hall, pianist and singer, former protege of Ray Charles.

At least to those in my immediate circle….the lawn people.

Those of us that brought beach chairs or blankets to the Summer Pops Concert at the Embarcadero.

Saturday night featured Motown hits, a fireworks display, beautiful view of our city skyline and pink sunset over the bay.

……who cares if we were sitting behind a tree and this was the view of the stage!

Got up and danced in the aisle with my nephew while the usher was busy cordoning us off with yellow caution tape so we didn't end up in the laps of the champagne crowd.

Fun night.

I was still singing when the last firecracker went off.

…..….cuz there just ain't no mountain high enough!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Natural vs. Preservatives

Finding the right balance in life is tricky business.

Good to experience nature and fresh air and ocean water.

Like checking out the tide pools in La Jolla on a sunny day.

But sometimes the sound of an ice cream truck cannot be denied.

Then it is time for a treat.

A blue, gum ball in the eye-socket, preservative-filled ice cream bar.


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

From Sunset to Stump

Last night we drove to the coast to catch the sunset over Torrey Pines State Beach.

Along with a line of cars double-parked with the same idea.

So we made a U-Turn and headed down a quiet street in Del Mar with a lookout point and a walking trail along the train tracks.

And I forgot about the pinkish sky when I saw two tree stumps hanging off the sandy cliff.

What a perfect spot to take a seat and wait for a train to breeze by….

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Curbs of San Francisco

We have visited the city many times as a couple.

Joined a group of adult friends for a birthday celebration that included lots of exciting nightlife.

But this past week was the first time we went as a family. Us. And a Finnish family of five (2 parents, 2 kids, 1 grandma).

So we saw the city from a different angle…..primarily looking down.

To see where the kids were, their reactions, to help them up or down or on or off, while snapping photos of it all.

Holding hands, down a busy sidewalk,
with our godchild who learned to walk 
and run

since arriving in San Diego in June.

Which is why I was able to notice the little things.

Like street names etched into concrete.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla

Shore Thing takes place every Thursday (through August 28th), from 5-8 pm and includes free admission to the museum,  guided tours, music and an opportunity to purchase cocktails and pizza.

We had a very interesting guide and the museum itself is attractive (op art is especially fun).

But I am still wondering about the series of four paintings that featured a man with his hand in a shoe splattered with sweat or tear drops? And why are the shoes not on his feet?

While we meandered around the art and tried to figure it out, I couldn't help drifting to the windows and outdoor balcony because it is the view from the museum that is breath-taking.

And I didn't need to interpret what I was looking at.

… is all just THERE.

A Shore Thing just like the event.