Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Went from Wait List to Priority a week before taping!

Friends in front.
El Capitan Entertainment Center in the back.
Free tshirt was tossed into the crowd by the warm-up comedian!

Waiting in the back alley for the stars to depart.

If you live in Southern California it is a given that at some point you will see/meet/speak/photograph a celebrity because so many stars of television and film live here.

If you have friends visiting from the East Coast it is super fun to take them to a taping so that they can see celebrities up close and find out what goes on when a show is taped.

If you are lucky, you will get Priority Seating (which means you will get inside the studio and even if you land in the back row it is still a good seat as everything is much smaller than you would imagine).

If you are incredibly lucky, you will see the cast of the new Ghostbusters walk out and sit on Jimmy Kimmel's couch --- Melissa McCarthy! Kristen Wiig! Kate McKinnon! Leslie Jones!

If you are lucky beyond your wildest expectations…….halfway through the segment the original cast will join the gals on stage --- Bill Murray! Dan Aykroyd! Ernie Hudson! Annie Potts!

Akyroyd played harmonica and sang with Jimmy's band while Bill Murray danced with Kristen Wiig. It was amazing. The entire studio audience was on their feet screaming and clapping for the rest of the show (I lost my voice for days afterward and my girlfriend burst a blood vessel in her hand from clapping so hard).

What a night……who you gonna call ?

Here is the link to get tickets.