Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Trader Joe's Chapeau

There are so many reasons to shop at this grocery store.

And this is one more.....

The employees are currently decked out in turkey hats.

It makes me smile and wish I had one!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Headquarters

One week after the grand opening we went to The Headquarters in Seaport District.

It was home to San Diego Police Headquarters and is now an upscale place to shop and dine.

Before entering the courtyard, we took a walk around the perimeter to view the architecture and landscaping.

Tenants at The Headquarters include:   

Inside the open-air shopping center.

The Kitson on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles is known for celebrity sightings.
Wonder if any will venture down to San Diego for a trendy t-shirt or naughty gnome.

Now is that any way to celebrate the season!

I was particularly interested to visit Simply Local, featuring vendors with locally-owned businesses. 

The owner told us that they used original doors from police headquarters
to make this desk for the front of their store. Cool - I love old doors!

And had to try Pizzeria Mozza, because duh, it's pizza and it is the only San Diego location for the highly acclaimed restaurant from top chefs Mario Batali, Joseph Bastianich and Nancy Silverton.

The place was packed, inside and out.

Next time we'll know to make a reservation.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Jail Time In Seaport District

It has been many years since I was in a jail cell.

And that was on a visit to Alcatraz, a ferry ride away from San Francisco. We wore headsets, listened to the story of Al Capone and others and walked all over the island.

Sunday I spent time in the local clink.

Went to check out the digs of the San Diego Police Headquarters (at least it served that purpose until 1987).

Now it is full of shops and restaurants.

But if you veer right after shopping at Kitson and walk down the alley marked by an arrow for Restrooms....this is what you'll find:

A wall of old photos. Headquarters before they put in a Cheesecake Factory.

Police badges and handcuffs and other memorabilia.

After all the pictures you get to see the real thing.

Very small jail cell --- better like your roommate.

Outside one of the cells is a photo array of criminals.

Mug shots. Many looking surprisingly dapper in coats and ties.

He does look a bit perv-y.

Oh Phyllis, a tramp, really, is that what drove you to weed?

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Real Estate Pie

We bought our house 18 years ago.

Scott, our realtor, has hand-delivered a Julian Apple Pie to our doorstep every year since.

(Ok, we missed out the November we lived in China and the November we lived in London and the year he gave out copies of his published book but even with those exceptions that still adds up to a lot of pies.)

The note inside says, "Immense Gratitude -- for YOU!"

How is that for customer service and appreciation!

About 125 of his past clients still live in the 'pie zone' so all those deliveries keep him hopping for three days leading up to the holiday.

It is a lovely and delicious tradition.

 And yes, we've already had a piece!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Carlsbad Village Faire

There were booths.

So many booths.

Featuring...well, everything.

Flavored olive oil, crocheted scarves, pet beds, nutty football fans (made from walnuts), vintage jewelry, beach apparel made from chamois-like fabric that dries quickly, scented soy candles, sports bags, $7 pancake breakfast, wind chimes.

Let's follow this little dog and check it out!

This little dude and his sports car attracted quite the crowd.

Didn't buy a thing but got in hours of walking and people-watching!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Halloween Fun

Yearly tradition: we open a bottle of champagne just before dark.

Our black plastic cauldron of full-sized candy bars for the BIG KIDS.

Ghost tootsie pops for the LITTLE KIDS.

Gummy body parts in case we opened the door to ZOMBIES.

This kid had the best candy bag
so we asked if we could take his picture.

There were Nerds, quite a few Pirates, a pre-teen Marilyn Monroe, Bloody Faces and a very small Dinosaur.

Not one Miley Cyrus in the bunch.

We passed out 113 candy bars, 17 ghosts and 5 body parts for a total of 135 was a slow night.

Last year we had 150.

Which means we'll be the ones snacking on body parts this weekend.

Hope you had a fun holiday!