Saturday, 12 May 2012

Cafe Chloe

Have you ever received a present that was wrapped exquisitely but once opened it was rather disappointing?

A bit of a letdown.

The opposite is true of this 'where east village meets Paris chic' cafe.

The outside is lovely but does not begin to do justice to the treat that awaits you inside (and that is before you even get to the tres magnifique French food).

We sat in the loft.

Up the short staircase, in a tiny, cozy section of the cafe.

Tucked behind a short wall.

Light streaming in from the full length patio window below.

There was an array of tantalizing dishes on the menu and a charming server.

Ice tea came with simple syrup for sweetening.

Bacon, bacon, bacon - dressed up in a tart.

Pomme frites with a trio of dips - all delicious.

Crepes - filled with vegetables.

Cream and sugar presentation.

 Cafe Chloe is a treat for your eyes and your tastebuds!


  1. One of my FAVORITE places in SD!!!!!

  2. Oh la la. Bacon dressed up in a tart. . . or pretend you are a tart eating bacon?

    C'est bon!

  3. OH this looks absolutely amazing!!!!!