Saturday, 23 June 2012

Happy as a Buddha

The last foot massage I had was in China. In 2007. It lasted 2 hours.

Brought tears to my eyes (from the pain).

And cost $17.

It looked like this.

Fast forward 5 years.

Made an appointment at Happy Buddha on Convey Street in San Diego. It lasted one hour.

There was no crying (maybe a little bit of wincing).

It cost $29.99.

It looked something like this (unknown woman in chair directly in front of me).

So what is it like to have a foot reflexology treatment?

Well first you soak your feet in a warm herbal bath inside a wooden bucket. The therapist starts to work on your neck, face, head and then moves to your shoulders and arms while you are reclined in a big chair (might want to avoid dangly earrings as attention is paid to your lobes as well). My therapist kept reminding me to 'relax, relax' (I thought I was). Then she admires your purse 'very cute' (this might not happen during your appt.). Once your upper body is feeling like jelly and the knots are worked out, the therapist takes your feet out of the bath and rests them on an ottoman. For the rest of the session all concentration is placed on kneading/pulling/massaging/tapping every little part of your foot (honestly, I think my toes are longer and I might need to buy a bigger shoe) and finally up the leg to your knee for a bit more massage. The finale is a bit of pummeling, slap slap slap and the pressure of a fist in the bottom of your foot.

Have I sold you on the idea of a visit to Happy Buddha?

I hope so.

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