Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sand Sculptures on the Pier

'B' Street Cruise Ship Terminal Pier in downtown San Diego.

U.S. Sand Sculpting Challenge --- 300 tons of sand were brought in.

Home is where the heart is (oh, I get it, those are arteries and whatnot).

The close-up (and all the details of the home).

Artists from all over, this is Joris Kivits from The Netherlands.

An anchor seems apropos.

This artist thinks 'out of the box'. Or out of his sandbox anyway.

Incredible details, those eyes are haunting.

Grown-ups in the sand with shovels and tools.

Budding artists in the sand with shovels and tools.


  1. INCREDIBLE! Thank you for sharing this!!

  2. Wow! How fun to see these things close up. I love the Sand House!