Sunday, 25 November 2012

Levitated Mass at LACMA

When I lived in Massachusetts, I found Plymouth Rock to be, well, quite small. Rather disappointing. At least as a rock.

Great, in terms of historical significance.

So when all the hoopla was going on in Los Angeles to get a big rock from a quarry near Riverside to its final destination at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, I was hoping it really was a BIG rock.

At 340-tons, it surely should be grand.

And it is....up close.

North of the Resnick Pavilion is a large expanse of gravel.

A concrete channel holds up the mass and allows visitors to walk towards and under the Levitated Mass.

Because the museum itself is large and sprawling and it sits inside a city that is also large and sprawling surrounded by enormously tall palm trees, the rock only seems mammoth when you get quite close.

And then it truly is impressive.


  1. H-e-a-v-y. Loved your perspective on this. The last shot is art.

  2. For further details about Levitated Mass (press review, photos, videos, pre-history, etc.), please visit this link: or this one (for transatlantic action, expanded thoughts, articles, maps, etc.)
    Very best