Saturday, 1 December 2012


Cross a blackberry and a raspberry and you get an olallieberry.

The seaside village of Cambria is crazy about 'em.

Take a picture with the berry.

Eat some jam.

Bake a frozen pie.

There is an Olallieberry Festival and an Olallieberry Bed and Breakfast and there is the fresh baked pie, oh the pie.

Delicious olallieberry pie.

Or an early morning olallieberry cream cheese muffin if it is too early for pie.

Tasting the berry, in any form, is a treat.  

And a very good reason to visit Cambria.

That and the view!


  1. MMMMM....just had breakfast...eggs, English muffin and Olallieberrie Jam!!!!!!
    Thanks :-)

  2. OK, totally having to taste the Olallieberry goods next time we drive up to see G.!