Friday, 3 May 2013

Tomato Selection

It is a sunny 85 degrees today.

Which means the garden should have been planted already.

Oh well.

There are 4 bags of compost in the trunk waiting to be unloaded.

This Champion, Celebrity and Supersweet 100 are now home and sitting in the shade.

And below are the ones left behind.

Not enough room in the garden for every variety.

Beefsteak (it sounds so darn hearty)

Better Boy and Better Bush (why Better and not Best?)

Early Girl (known fact that girls mature faster)

Stupice Heirloom, when Googled came up as 'small Czech tomato, pronounced stu-peach-ka'

Tomatillo - tomato grows inside a husk

What grows in your garden?


  1. Such saucy tomato facts. Can't wait to see (taste) your crop!

  2. Hahahaha you are too cute. I hope to plant this week!