Friday, 6 September 2013

Balboa Island Real Estate

I was a Brownie and then a Girl Scout.

One summer, our troop spent a week at a beach house on Balboa Island in Orange County, CA.

It was amazing.

Of the house, I only remember that it was two-story (which makes sense as there were a lot of girls in our troop) and I think it was on Coral Street (or at least that sticks out in my mind).

We were young (around 12 years of age) so it was a BIG DEAL to walk into town, take the ferry to the peninsula, rent bikes, hang at the beach.

Without CONSTANT supervision.

Although there were a number of chaperones, girl scout leaders, on hand to keep us out of trouble.

Not even sure how long we were there, just a week?

It felt like a summer.

Balboa Island still holds that magic but now I am more aware of the actual houses.

The small, exquisite, multi-million dollar homes that fill this dense island....

Just enough yard for patio furniture...but with access to the water just steps away, it hardly matters.

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  1. OK I am relieved to know this is in OC--I was wondering if I had missed a San Diego destination!