Wednesday, 23 October 2013

San Diego Central Library

It opened at the end of September.

The new downtown library near Petco Park.

Shiny and massive and modern and a bit concrete-y (but in a good way).

Lego model of the library!

Self checkout stations.

Terrace outside the entrance.

Renewed my library card.

Asked some questions at the reference desk.

"No, we do not have audiotapes to learn Finnish. That would be like learning Swahili. And we don't have that either." 

Checked out some new bestsellers at the kiosk...

Wish they had more than two elevators as the wait was forever so never made it past the 4th floor.

Good enough reason for a return visit!

Side Note:  The gentleman at the reference desk downtown was able to track down two sets of Beginning Finnish audiotapes at my local branch library. Go figure. Stopped there on my way home and the librarian said they have been out of circulation, as in not checked out, for two years and she wasn't able to find them on the shelves. She will call me back when she is able to locate. Probably shouldn't hold my breath.


  1. Loved the space, too. Did you check out the sinks in the bathrooms? Sort of suspended in air, which is what it felt like on the upper floors.

    So impressed by learning Finnish. Is there nothing you won't tackle?