Friday, 1 November 2013

Halloween Fun

Yearly tradition: we open a bottle of champagne just before dark.

Our black plastic cauldron of full-sized candy bars for the BIG KIDS.

Ghost tootsie pops for the LITTLE KIDS.

Gummy body parts in case we opened the door to ZOMBIES.

This kid had the best candy bag
so we asked if we could take his picture.

There were Nerds, quite a few Pirates, a pre-teen Marilyn Monroe, Bloody Faces and a very small Dinosaur.

Not one Miley Cyrus in the bunch.

We passed out 113 candy bars, 17 ghosts and 5 body parts for a total of 135 was a slow night.

Last year we had 150.

Which means we'll be the ones snacking on body parts this weekend.

Hope you had a fun holiday!

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