Thursday, 27 February 2014

SUGARFISH in Santa Monica

Thank you car wash lady!

The sushi was so fresh and beautifully prepared.

From the menu, we ordered Trust Me and Trust Me Lite.

Dish after dish was brought out - sashimi, a hand roll and raw fish wrapped in warm rice.

No need to dip anything in soy sauce-wasabi mixture.

The flavor and delicate sauce on each plate was perfection.

On the Friday afternoon before our trip, I washed the car at the Mohawk in Solana Beach.

While I Armor All'ed the dash and Windex'ed the windows and dried my car, I struck up a conversation with a woman sitting nearby waiting for her Mercedes to get detailed.

We got to talking about our weekend plans and I mentioned that I hadn't decided on a restaurant for my husband's birthday dinner and we loved sushi.

She offered to text her friends and find out the best place in Venice/Santa Monica/LA and I gladly let her.

Later she emailed a 'results' list with SUGARFISH at the top.

It was a winner!

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