Sunday, 12 October 2014

Mystery Breakfast

Maple Bacon Donuts

Our dear friend, back from her travels, invited us out to catch up, drink cocktails and enjoy a meal.

At the agreed upon time, we hopped into her luxury vehicle and were whisked to our surprise destination.

Which turned out to be:

The place and parking lot were packed, good thing we had a reservation.

Sat on the patio. 

Just as we ordered our drinks and a decadent starter (see top of page), two servers came by carrying a looooooooong paddle and we were compelled to nab a freshly baked pre-starter roasted pear scone to snack on while we waited for our maple bacon donuts.

Across from our table, a couple was contemplating the paddle offerings.

Oh my...

Both their sweet and savory menu items were divine!

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