Monday, 5 January 2015

Montana de Oro Bluff Trail

The Bluff Trail is a long stretch of coastal path inside the Montana de Oro State Park.

There are benches along the way.

Perfect breakfast spot.

For the olallieberry cream cheese muffin we picked up at Linn's in Cambria the day before. 

This dude thought we made an incredible selection.

So we shared a few crumbs.

Love this door in the rock or bridge connecting two rocks or a window in the waves.

See the trees in the distance that seem to be a continuation of the slope.

Never get tired of staring at the sea.

Or listening to the crash of surf against the rocks.

Check out the picnic table.


What a view and you are surrounded by water on three sides.

Further down the trail, the docents told us to check out the blow hole as it was quite active that day.

Foam and sharp rocks.

And the sweet couple.

Docents at Montana de Oro.

Thanks for the tips!

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