Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Boston - Trip Down Memory Lane

Boston Public Garden - the swan boats come out in the Spring.

When I was 26 years old I came across an ad in the Los Angeles Times looking for a technical trainer. The software company was based in Boston and needed someone to cover the West Coast.

It caught my eye and I wasn't even job hunting.

This was in the days before Indeed/Monster. This was before the WorldWideWeb. When job prospects were in the NEWSPAPER, not on the Internet.

So I MAILED my resume and cover letter (using a stamp)  to Camex Inc. at 75 Kneeland Street.

And I got the job.

On Day 1, I flew to Boston (my first trip there) and stayed at the FOUR SEASONS HOTEL (yes, that gorgeous high-end hotel chain) for a MONTH. My view was the Boston Public Gardens. Every morning I walked a few blocks (through the theatre district and over to Chinatown) to go through a rigorous training program on the Breeze, the Scanner and the BitCaster.

It changed the course of my life.

I made wonderful friends. I met the man that I would marry. I started traveling, nationally and internationally.

After six months as the West Coast software trainer they asked me to relocate to headquarters.

So I went to LIVE in Massachusetts and bought my first winter coat.

I moved into a condo in the quaint town of Hingham on the South Shore and I took a FERRY BOAT, yes, seriously, a BOAT back and forth to work every day.

In the winter we all huddled below deck to keep warm but in late Spring, Summer and early Fall we gathered on the top deck and sipped wine as we leaned across the railing and watched Boston Harbor disappear from view (this was on the evening trip home as I don't think they served cocktails to the morning commuters).

Earlier this month, my husband, my dear friend Linda that I met on my first day at Camex, and I took a walk down memory lane.

Everything looked exactly the same.

The bar across the street.

The sign out front displaying 75 Kneeland.

The lobby.

The elevator.

So much so that it was almost shocking to step out of the elevator and realize that Camex no longer existed (the company was bought by DuPont ages ago) and what was once the floors that we spent so much time on were now gutted/completely renovated and occupied by medical groups from Tufts.

The lobby at 75 Kneeland Street.

Local pub, Jacob Wirth, where we often met for drinks and going away parties.

South Station for those that commuted by train.

View from Rowes Wharf for those of us that commuted by boat to the South Shore.

Boston is an old city with a lot of history (like Paul Revere's House, Faneuil Hall, Old North Church, Granary Burying Ground, etc.) that will be there year after year after year.

Regardless of who moves into 75 Kneeland Street.

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