Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Collection of Aprons

One more apron and I would be a 50's housewife!

Rivalling June Cleaver on Leave it to Beaver.

Are you old enough to remember that show?  Black and white.
Wally and Beaver and Eddie ran around saying 'golly gee' and gave each other 'the business'. It was broadcast before I was born but I do remember the reruns.

If I wanted to, I could get from Monday through Saturday without wearing the same one twice.

But like clothes and shoes, each one has a different personality.

Like the French girl…

Or the pastel one that ushers in Spring.

And this one that gets unpacked, along with ornaments, every year and screams, "LET'S BAKE CHRISTMAS COOKIES!"

So I do….

Happy Holiday Baking to you and a shout out to June!


  1. You would make the most adorable 1950's housewife.

    1. And I have a string of pearls, like June, ha ha!