Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Tour of Templeton

There is more to Templeton than the popular Hewitt Hardware Store that I wrote about yesterday. 

Let's walk down Main Street and check it out.

Chamber of Commerce

Love the architectural details on this old building.

Bright yellow music….seems like a happy place to learn.

We were told that this is THE place to eat.  McPhee's!

Nature's Touch Nursery & Harvest

Venturing down a side street is this lovely church.

And residences that are not bound by strict HOA rules.

And if you go further out, you will see:

And this is where our tour started. 

Charismatic owner and a stash of maps so you don't miss anything in the area.

Be sure and taste the Fighter Pilot Red.


  1. Such a cute town!!!! I'll bet it looked even cuter after that Fighter Pilot Red!