Friday, 27 May 2016

Bonfire at Moonlight Beach

One of the few San Diego beaches that still has fire pits. 

Who doesn't want to build a fire, watch a sunset, eat some dinner and watch the flames dance in the darkness.

We went old school with wood from fence posts and tree limbs, a couple of matches, twigs and some newspaper.

 And it worked out fine.

And the sunset was beautiful.

And the fire really took off when it got dark.

Nearby, were little kids in pajamas, a large group of high schoolers and a couple of families.

And just off to the left of us, there was a group that really meant business.

They carried a gallon jug of gasoline down the hill.

And one of the longest pallets I have ever seen at the beach.

There was shock and awe and screams of "I think the fire department might be coming by."

So for fun and fire and entertainment, check out Moonlight Beach, it is never boring!

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