Friday, 2 September 2016

Ice Cream and Seafood Diet

Vacation started on a Thursday afternoon and went to the following Wednesday night. My plan, besides heading to the East Coast to hang out with relatives, attend a wedding and float around lake(s), was to consume ice cream and seafood every single day.

So, just for fun, I weighed myself the morning I departed and then again when I arrived home. Expecting the worse.

And I LOST two pounds.

Which is rather incredible because by Day 4 I was nervous that I wouldn't fit in my new inner tube (purchased at the Wolfeboro Hardware Store, for $3.99, it was the last one on the shelf and was meant for kids age 9 and up).

I highly recommend this summer vacation eating plan (in combination with hours on the dance floor and swimming)!

Here we go:

Charles Street in Boston. J.P. Licks

Lobster Rolls and Fried Fish and Fries and Soda at Janine's Frostee

Alvin Rondeau's Dairy Bar in Palmer, MA.

Order the Black Raspberry ice cream, you won't be disappointed.

Frekey's Dairy Freeze in Chichester, New Hampshire.

That is a SMALL cone, guess we should have ordered the 'kid' size!

Incredible shrimp cocktail at Shibley's at the Pier in Alton Bay, New Hampshire.

There are always HUGE lines. This photo was taken two hours before they opened.
Bailey's Bubble in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.
Fluffer Nutter Sundae is on the menu, only in New England!

Our favorite dinner - grilled swordfish tacos at the Wolfetrap in New Hampshire.

Great view.

Lunch in Portsmouth at River House.

One never tires of lobster rolls in brioche buns.

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  1. Stop it!! Lobster rolls and ice cream!! Stop it, I said!!!!!