Wednesday, 16 November 2011


My husband and I did a lot of public napping last weekend.

We sprawled on plush, firm, and ultra-firm surfaces.

Rolled around on a Sealy.

Curled up with Stearns & Foster.

Mattress shopping is a blast. It is the opposite of tiring. You can spend hours at it and feel rested when you are done. No big bags to tote around either. Free delivery is included.

The regional sales manager that helped us was a bit of a talker so it was difficult to completely doze off.

Did you know that the type of sleeper you are affects the type of mattress you should buy?

We were questioned as soon as we walked in the store.

“Are you a side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper or an all-over?”

Apparently that is not a personal question in the world of bedding.

Varying degrees of firmness are more suited to the different types of sleepers.

The mattress expert told us that sleeping on your back is better for your health because it prevents neck and back pain, reduces acid reflux and minimizes wrinkles.

My husband and I are side sleepers but we bought a back sleeper mattress because that’s just the way we roll.

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