Wednesday, 3 April 2013


A professional arborist evaluated the pine trees growing on the HOA-owned and maintained slope behind our street.

It was determined that some trees would be removed and some would be trimmed.

Green dots indicate the trees that would remain.

Red dots indicate the ones that would be removed.

Poor sad, red-dotted tree.

We have two of them.

Today the crew arrived...and started on our neighbor's tree.

And now it looks like this.

A stump.

By midday, the guys were directly behind our house.

Climbing and trimming branches.

Going higher and higher.

Wielding a chainsaw.

At this point, my hair, clothes and camera were getting covered in sawdust.

So I walked around the block.

To check out the action at street level.

The first truck is filled with wood chips.

This one does all the 'chipping'.

After the trees are brought down (with a thud that shook our house).

Cut into pieces with a chainsaw.

Hefted to the truck by three strong men.

And rolled into the chipper.

A press of a button and chips are flying...

The crew has left for the day. 

Now instead of two full-grown trees with red dots we have one and one-third.

Which will be down to stumps tomorrow or the next day.

Unless I can convince the Arborist, the Board of Directors and the Landscape Committee that the neighborhood could use a few totem poles!


  1. Great shots. But it makes me sad. Poor little red dots...

  2. I love the way you chronicled what is happening to the trees behind your house. I wish I had chronicled the changes in our backyard now that a big, new house is being constructed behind us.