Sunday, 23 June 2013

San Diego County Fair 2013

We go every year.

For the Swifty Swine Pig Races. The Photography and Design in Wood and Landscaping exhibits. And soft serve ice cream.

There is a rhythm and order to our fair adventure from the moment we board the bus at Torrey Pines High School to get over to the fairgrounds.

Thankfully the event itself offers a few surprises each year to mix things up.

Like the theme.

Took turns playing Ms. Pacman while others hogged Donkey Kong and Frogger. Watched little kids play Operation, move life-size chess pieces and sit inside a Monopoly piece (a large silver car).

Yes, we went to the races, as per usual and flagged down the gal to purchase a Pooping Pig keychain (taking a pass on the plastic snout and dangly earrings).

This year they introduced Honey Boo Boo Pig and kids scrambled in line to have their picture taken while holding her in a blanket.

Wandered down fried alley to see what was cooking.

Klondike bars in a deep fryer. Krispy Kreme doughnuts as sloppy joe buns....yikes.

Kept walking. 

Had a hankering for an Appalachian pulled pork sandwich and grabbed a fresh squeezed lemonade.

As we wandered around looking for a bench and possibly some music...


A genius must have come up with this contest.

Here are the rules. Baby must be 12 months or younger. Baby must stay on the carpet. Baby must not get up and walk. Baby must completely cross the finish line to win a ribbon.

Here are the first 3 contestants.

Those 25 feet look like miles to the young tots.

Baby in pink gets into position while baby in purple meditates and visualizes the race.

Baby boy looks determined.

Pink baby is giving it all she's got while purple baby poses for the camera.

Oh no, purple baby down.

She has done a face plant with 20 feet of carpet left in the race.

Baby boy forgot the rules and takes a breather without FULLY crossing the finish line.

Pink baby, with a full steam of energy, easily clears the dotted line, leaving the other kids in her dust.


Pink baby is thrilled with her ribbon and takes a little rest before the next heat.

Caught up in the excitement and yelling 'Go Baby Go' along with the rest of the crowd, we stayed for the 2nd competition.

Pink bow baby motored across the finish.

Drum roll please.

Here is the final heat.

Pink baby faces off with pink bow baby. Our gal on the right clearly is ready to race. Pink bow baby is showing some distress before the start.

With a HUGE lead at the midpoint, pink baby gets rattled and starts to crawl backward.

Laughter erupts from the crowd as the announcer says, "This has never happened before."

Adorable for sure.

But definitely cost her the win.

Pink bow baby took home the trophy.

......oh the drama.

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  1. Do they make little pink baby key chains with little poops coming out of the cute little baby bottom?