Saturday, 2 July 2011

Pooping Pig Keychain

My favorite souvenir from the San Diego County Fair.

Every year, I buy one for me and one for my nephew, who is now 11 and will surely outgrow its entertainment value before I do, if he hasn’t already.

Perhaps we will move on to rubber snouts one day.

And that is just part of the fun.

The real excitement is rooting for your favorite squealer at the Swifty Swine Pig Races.

Click here to:  WATCH A RACE

This year was a trifecta of animal competition as we started the morning with pigs, moved on to worms and finished the evening with turkeys.

At first glance it would seem that a worm race might be a bit dull and slow.

Just a simple board, some dirt and a spritz of water.

But add some fierce Red Wigglers (our money was on Number 9, although no wagering was permitted) and a large crowd of cheering children and you have yourself a race.

Although Number 7 started out strong, it was Number 9 that won by a mile….I mean inches.

After that rush of adrenalin, we headed over to the Turkey Stampede.

Turns out that turkeys do not know how to race.

They won't wear a bib. They cheat. Run the wrong direction. Hop over fences. Spread their feathers to block the competition. Anything to get to the food truck.

The cheers for the motorized car rivaled those for the actual competitors!

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