Sunday, 23 March 2014

Walkabout in South Park

Last night was the Spring Walkabout in South Park, an evening festival.

A chance to enjoy live music, taste a bite of chocolate from Eclipse, sip a glass of wine while shopping at a vintage boutique and meander through a charming San Diego neighborhood.

If you missed it, there is still the Summer (July 19), Fall (October 4) and Holiday Walkabout (December 6) to enjoy in 2014.

This gym is located in Fire Station No. 9, San Diego's oldest fire station.

The Grove sells books, yarn, clothing and home furnishings.

Scored a pair of bamboo sunglasses at Graffiti Beach.

So Childish - stylish gifts for infants and toddlers.

Totally motivated for another walkabout, in the daylight, to enjoy the architecture in South Park.


  1. That first shot is brilliant. Is she wearing a tambourine on her head? I hope so!

    1. Good catch as her chapeau is definitely tambourine-inspired!