Friday, 18 April 2014

Quack Quack Cake

If one has a deft hand and a full piping bag, there are many ways to transform a plain cake into a piece of art.

Borders can be created that look like beads, rosettes or shells.

Royal icing can be used for lattice.

Again….if one has a deft hand for these things.

An alternate method is to find a chocolate rabbit or the CUTEST CHOCOLATE DUCK IN THE WHOLE WORLD at the grocery store.

Unwrap chocolate duck and center it on top of the cake. 

Sprinkle a few jelly beans.

And call it a day!

For a touch of pastel whimsy, add a few squirts of food coloring to each layer of white cake batter.

It will give your dessert some oomph when you cut into it.

Quack quack, Happy Easter!

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