Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Salad That Can't Be Beat

I love a good beet salad.

Oh, I am tempted by the other choices on the appetizer side of the menu.

Calamari or Dungeness Crab have their appeal.

But time and time again, I pick the salad that contains beets and I am never sorry.

So Saturday night, at The Boulevard in the Financial District of the lovely city of San Francisco, I paused for just a moment before ordering the weird combination of beet, radish, kumquat, cherries, hazelnuts and blue cheese.

"There are very few greens in this dish," said the waiter.

"That is ok," replied beet-loving me.

And it was, and then some.

Absolutely delicious.

Do not judge the salad by my hideous photo.

My favorite restaurant in the city --- outstanding food, outstanding service.

Order dessert. This is the Chocolate Pot De Creme.

Try the NYOGT -----  'Not Your Ordinary Gin and Tonic', best I ever drank.

What is your favorite restaurant in San Francisco?

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