Sunday, 29 June 2014

Follow The Blue Bucket Hat!

Our dear friends are here from Finland for the summer and their little boy is just the right age to experience the San Diego County Fair.

Imagine being three years old and the first thing you see after having your ticket scanned is a walking talking taller-than-tall Transformer….it was rather difficult to tear him away (it occurred to me that our entire fair experience might take place only feet away from the main entrance!).

Luckily he was tempted by a visit to the animal barns. Moooooo. There were sheep to touch and bulls to admire. With the double fencing, we were too far back to even attempt to 'grab horns' (no sign needed).

Every once in awhile it was time to check in with baby sis and adjust her hat.

But the rides, oh the rides, they were the highlight.

Thank goodness he is a very tall boy so he was allowed to ride alone (and he did).

Although he shared the ferris wheel with his mom.

What a day! All smiles!

Watching his pastel blue bucket hat all afternoon as he lead us to the next adventure…

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