Saturday, 12 July 2014

Outdoor Movies

I vividly remember seeing Star Wars at a drive-in movie.

Packed into the back seat of my parent's 1960-something Mustang.

Attaching the speaker to a slightly-rolled-down window. The crackling noise when the sound came on.

Visiting the concession stand before the movie started.

Not sure how many drive-in theaters still exist but it is still possible to see current movies in the great outdoors.

Last night at our local park, the audience spread out on blankets and beach chairs, we watched as a blow up screen came to life:

If you live in or are visiting San Diego this summer, check out the possibilities!


  1. What movie did you see? Which park was this? How are you doing????

    1. The park near the Carmel Valley Recreation Center was playing 'The Lego Movie', the kids needed to get to bed as the movie didn't start till 8 so now we have to rent it on Netflix :-)