Monday, 14 July 2014

Patio Crew

It was decided by my better half that laying a flagstone patio was something we could do, we should do and we'd like to do.

What is this 'we' business?

I was far more skeptical and ready to dial a contractor at a moment's notice.

But regardless of how the finished product turns out (and at this juncture with the last two stones being leveled, it is looking pretty fantastic), our patio project has forged stronger ties with our friends.

Who have pitched in to lift/carry heavy stones, chisel heavy stones, use the grinder on heavy stones, and level the heavy stones.

Did I mention that the stones are really heavy?

There was a lot of camaraderie and laughs and sweat.

And dirt and dust.

On some evenings, when there were too many engineers involved, there were also a lot of questions --- about our choice of layout, our choice of spacing and our overall technique!!!

Yep, it has been a bonding experience with an eclectic group…..a 28-year old Hawaiian buddy, German and Danish colleagues/friends, a Finnish family member (not blood relative but close enough) and a super energetic/fit female senior citizen (yes, age did not stop us from eliciting assistance).

We made sure our helpers left with a smile on their face (this was mainly due to the beer, wine or caipirinhas we served at the end of every shift).

Which was more exciting than the safety belts, knee pads and goggles we handed out as soon as they walked through our side gate.

So a big thanks to our entire patio crew, we love ya!

Laying the first stone (just Jason and I) before we got smart
and invested in body protection gear for back, knees, eyes.

It takes 2 or 3 people and 'hellooooo dolly' (see below) to get the big stones to the backyard.

Jason used wood, wheels, rope and carpet
remnants to make our transport dolly.

A Finn and a chisel makes for a very clean line!

"I know it's dark but you are not leaving until we get this stone set!"

Engineers at work --- many opinions but always great fun.

Using the tamper to pack the decomposed granite.

Gotta hurry, the World Cup Soccer game is starting soon.

Looking good but not quite done… (the patio not the outfit).

Stay tuned, will post pictures when stones are sealed, decomposed granite is stabilized and we are ready to entertain….

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