Monday, 18 August 2014

Getting Ready to Camp

Six months ago we reserved a campsite on Palomar Mountain.

We booked it for six people - four Finnish friends + the two of us.

But now that we are just days away it has become a boys-only camping trip.

Not because the girls can't handle it. But our goddaughter, a real trooper, might keep the whole campground up at night if she were to decide that sleeping in a tent is not her thing.

Yesterday we had a trial run.

To get the 3-year old excited.

To make sure we had all the tent poles.

So midday, in the blazing heat (to replicate the 97-degree weather expected this weekend), we laid a ground cover, shoved in poles, hammered spikes, erected the big tent and ate some dirt.

Good time was had by all.

Hope the actual camping goes just as well!

Little guy handled the man-sized hammer without once hitting his thumb.

Our goddaughter assisted by bringing over poles.

Sleeping bags, check. Flashlights, check. Just need his teddy bear.

One is a little young for camping,
perhaps next year when she is two!

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  1. Wow! Yet another "wish I was there"! What a treat it will be for the Little Guy, an uforgetable adventure.