Saturday, 1 August 2015

We've Got Melons

During the Spring we designated a big square-ish area of our backyard to creating a melon patch.

This is our first attempt to grow watermelon and honeydew and by the looks of things…

          Long vines spreading in all directions
          Melons the size of baseballs
          Bright green healthy leaves

….we are off to a roaring start!

Apparently melons don't like to sit on the ground and get their bottoms wet so you are supposed to strap them up in a sling or place a board under them.

I hoisted them up onto empty plastic pots.

Here is one little trio balancing on their garden stage.

Entertaining the peppers and eggplants nearby:

                              Q: Why do watermelons have fancy weddings?
                              A: Because they cantaloupe. 


  1. Ha ha. That's a good one. Perhaps you could invent some sort of melon brassiere to keep them hoisted high.

  2. Connie hahahahahahahahahahaha!