Monday, 4 January 2016

San Diego Car Show

What does your car say?

While walking around the convention center on Sunday it seemed that every car was sending a subtle or not so subtle message…

I frequently cruise Rodeo Drive.
My bling comes from Tiffany & Co.

Look out. I own the road and I am cool.
I will never wave, just tip my grill knowingly when I see you.

I am young but not carefree.
I insist on the 10 and 2 position.
I don't believe in taking sharp corners.
I have money. Lots of money.
I am full equipped.
My clothes match my paint job.
Bit of a hippy. Artistic.
My heart sings.

I am quiet. Reserved. Intriguing.
My friends want me to open up.
They often force the issue.

There is no stopping me.
I have a thick skin.
Strong and tough and built to last.
I am not in touch with my feelings, at all.

I am friendly. Have a vintage vibe.
Animals and small children are attracted to me.
I make people smile.

That is how I experienced the San Diego Car Show.

I also took a picture of a clown that took a picture of me (his camera squirted water), asked two guys to pose while buffing out fingerprints on the hood of a MINI Cooper and then sat inside a BMW convertible wearing sunglasses and practicing my "I am Grace Kelly" look.

My husband asked intelligent questions, found out prices, the gas mileage on road vs. highway and the differences in the 2015 vs the 2016 models.

But that is not how I roll...

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