Saturday, 16 January 2016

What a Dump!

After a week and half of phone tag, an 11:15 appointment was secured to dispose of our hazardous waste.

And I will get to that in a minute.

But first this is what our local dump, I mean landfill, looks like (in case you are curious):

They must get so many used toilets that they had to designate a specific bin for TOILETS ONLY.

Everyone was polite and hard-working.

Doesn't that look like a frozen brick of bottles?

Although we chatted it up with several folks doing drop offs (i.e. the couple that said we could share a dumpster, the guy that told us where to find the beautiful Dirt Diva that scooped up compost), we didn't pester this guy as he seemed to have a massive job ahead of him unloading all those beer bottles!

So the process goes like this. 

Grab trash cans on wheels, fill them up, take them to weigh station (below), and they will hand back a slip.

Take slip to the window nearby and they will give you money for things like bottles or paper or copper.

Our purpose, hazardous waste disposal, was a little bit different.

We followed the signs, stopped for check-in (they noted name, asked whether all goods came from our residence, how long had we had the items, etc.) and we gave them our confirmation number and time.

Then we drove around and waited in a short line.

As each car pulled up, workers came out to inspect, ask a few questions, and unload.

We opted to store our items in uncovered boxes so that everything was clearly visible.

The car in front of us was filled with sealed black bags and it slowed down the process a bit.

But not by much and soon we were on our way.

Next time we plan to get instead of give ----- gotta check out what the Dirt Diva is shoveling up.

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