Friday, 9 September 2011

San Diego Power Outage

It happened yesterday afternoon at 3:30-ish.


The lights went out.

And everything else that required electricity.

It was abrupt.

Followed by a notable silence.

And a moment to wonder “is it just my workplace?”

Or will I step outside and see that it is far-reaching.

Which it was.

The commute home was horrendous. Traffic lights were out. Cars took turns, one by one, crossing the wide intersections.

Although the freeway wasn’t crowded (at least going south), the off ramps were backed up for quite a distance.

Once home, the automatic garage door wouldn’t open.

By 6:30 our landline was dead.

Kids played in the street until it was pitch black.

Windows and sliding doors were opened to circulate air and cool things off.

Candles and flashlights were gathered.

Used a battery-operated bike light to read a book.

Took a quick drive in the neighborhood to see….


But the full moon.

And what was directly in front of our headlights.

By morning the power was back on.

Kids were back in the street because school was cancelled and many workplaces are dealing with the aftermath such as getting servers up and running.

Almost back to normal.

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