Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas Cake Pops

Ok, this time I followed the rules.

I baked a white cake mix from a box. After it cooled, I crumbled it into a bowl and then scooped out ¾ can of cream cheese frosting and used two forks to combine the ingredients.

Then I did the same thing with a red velvet cake mix and cream cheese frosting.

I rolled balls and formed cones, trying to keep them on the small side. The cones were intended to be Santa hats or Christmas trees but was told my free-form technique resulted in dunce caps.

Then into the fridge for chilling.

Some very creative gals joined me at the table to decorate. 

We used red, white and green melting chocolate and the fun began.

At this point, I would like to offer some constructive tips and tricks to prevent the following comments:

“Oh no, it’s sliding off.”

“We’ve got crumbs in the chocolate.”

“My pop looks like poop.”

“Here's another one for the ugly tray.”

and so on and so forth.

What we learned:  It is best to keep the balls and other shapes small. Once the chocolate is melted, work quickly, dip popsicle stick into a little chocolate and then push it into ball. Dip the ball into chocolate  and swirl until covered. Tap off excess. Count to 20 before you roll your pop in coconut, mini-chocolate chips, sprinkles, chopped nuts, etc. or you will have a messy ball and frosting all over your toppings.

Exhibit A: The cake pop with the mini-chips (see below) was dipped too quickly. The cake pop rolled in walnuts was able to set up just a bit (the 20-count) and then dipped for a well-covered and attractive nutty ball of goodness.

Make some pops with no toppings (as shown above). Let them dry after dipping and then use a toothpick to dab melted chocolate and adhere items like a piece of carrot for your snowman’s nose. Or a pair of chocolate chip movie star sunglasses.

"May I help you with your bags?" asked the cake pop bellman.

"Aye Aye Captain, my patch is slipping and my one good eye needs a monocle."

"Bonjour Madame, are you attracted to my marshmallow beret?"

Have fun.

It is a very messy process. You will get sticky.

You might even be horrified by some of the results.

But the next day, you will see your line-up of cake pops and start laughing.

Out loud.

At the cuteness.

The imperfections will...

...disappear overnight.


  1. Oh you have me rolling in the aisles!!!!!!!! Funny, funny, lady, you!! LOVE the captions! And the very nice photo at the end. And all the photos of course. Thanks for two days' worth of belly-laughs!

  2. I love the cake pop bellman. Soooo funny!

  3. Taking a walk down memory lane tonight! Such a fun, fun time!