Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Holiday Sing-Along in Escondido

Heading up to the Music Room.

Although I cannot carry a tune, I enjoy singing.


With fervor.

Christmas tunes in particular.

This is what prompted a visit to the Escondido Public Library last night.

For the first half hour, we listened to young performers.

Already poised and talented.

Her feet will eventually reach the pedals.

At 6:30, with the accompaniment of a harpist…..

...a pianist and a sparkly soloist (that went for the really high notes), we spent a cheery hour belting out the classics like The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Although it was a small, scattered audience, in a large room, there was energy in the crowd.

And much amusement.

This little girl adjusted her Mom’s reading glasses till she had them just so.

And then spent the rest of the evening twisting in her seat to peer at the exuberant singers behind her!

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  1. "One critic said the exuberant pair in the back carried the evening."