Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Structurally Unsound

In terms of my skill set, I am unable to list construction.

Or its subset.


Even though the graphic on the gingerbread house kit, that is designed for children, diagrams how the front, sides and top should come together, I managed to have numerous cave-ins.

For the mini-house, it set in this condition.

Thank goodness we live in a mild climate. 

With little rain.

For the big house, it was a matter of drafts.

Really big side drafts.

Tore it all apart and let the roof 'hang' over the sides (like it was supposed to in the first place) but we'll see if it sets up without collapsing.

Before the landscapers and house painters arrive, I am going to work on a water feature. 

The choices seem to be blue jello, blue fruit roll up, a mirror or aluminum foil (if we decide on an ice pond) or melting blue Jolly Rancher hard candies into a puddle.

Stay tuned.

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