Sunday, 26 February 2012

And the Oscar goes to...

A pre-planned trip to Los Angeles coincided with the Academy Awards weekend. 

The Oscars rate much higher for me than the SuperBowl.

So I had to check out the action.

This is the last time the event will be held at the Kodak Theatre as Kodak has declared bankruptcy.

Highland was blocked off. Traffic was heavy. And the STD billboard loomed larger than the Oscar poster.

The lucky spectators are already sitting in the viewing stands as I type this.

Beautiful weekend for this event.
He said YES and then he said NO.

So Billy got the gig.

ABC is broadcasting live in just a few hours.

Robin Roberts was busy prepping yesterday afternoon.

Her sweats will be transformed into a gown.

Stand-in Sandra Bullock was used for testing sound/lighting.

Inside the Kodak building but behind the security-guarded barriers.

Everybody wants a photo with the gold statuette.

Promos being taped ahead of time.

It took a very large press pass to get inside.

Which film will get Best Picture in 2012?


  1. Next year we're going to figure out a way to get you in there!

  2. YOWZA have you been BUSY!! I just caught up on all of the posts. Wonderful stories and photos!!