Monday, 20 February 2012

Super Fancy Cake

In January of 2010, I found a gorgeous cake while perusing the internet.

Printed the recipe.

Out came 17 pages.


Ok, a lot were pictures, but still, rather daunting.

So I set it aside and thought one day I will make this 17-page, 4-layer, need a blow torch, pastry cream-filled concoction.

This weekend I did.

Here is the link:

        Coconut cream cake with toasted meringue frosting

And a few shots along the way (after the cake was baked, sliced, filled).

Recipe is front and center during the entire process.

My niece helped make the 'globs'.

Almost done and looking 'glob-tastic'!

Blow torch - check. Safety goggles - check. Cake, ready to torch - check.

So excited that we didn't set the entire cake on fire...

Pretty as a picture and delicious to boot!

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