Tuesday, 7 February 2012


At the Encinitas Farmers Market on Sunday, there was a rotary phone sitting on a table with other antiques.

A young girl, possibly a first-grader, walked up to admire it.

"What is this?" she asked.

A phone.

"How do you make it work?"

Her index finger was placed in the wheel on the number 6 and she was shown how to 'dial'.

She marveled at the machine.

But then at her age, she is used to this.

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  1. So funny. When my son was little he went to the eye doctor and instead of an eye chart of letters (becuz these are little kids who can't read yet) they had pictures. When he came to identify the phone..it was a rotary phone, he said, "I don't know what that is. Is it a truck?" His eyes were fine. The doctor needed a new chart.