Saturday, 27 October 2012

Fun from A to Z

Earlier this summer we were in Bay Books on Coronado Island shopping for a picture book.

Thought it would be fun for our Finnish houseguest to flip through sturdy pages filled with bright colors and easy-to-learn English words.

Like 'beach' and 'sun'.

Searched the entire kiddie section and couldn't find anything suitable.

Which is fine because we came across the PERFECT San Diego souvenir.

Basically you build your own book by taking pictures of various places around San Diego that represent the letters of the alphabet.

A game and a book all rolled into one.

There is even an idea list because maybe, just maybe, you might need help finding an activity or place that begins with the letter Q or X or Z.

After excitedly making the purchase, the book was promptly set aside and then forgotten as we got caught up in the everyday routine of a very active almost two-year old.

But we did remember to take lots and lots of pictures.

Two months after our guests returned to Finland, I got around to assembling the 'present' in time for the little guy's second birthday.

Sorting through all the pictures was half the fun. As was matching them to letters.

Although we didn't make it to all the attractions offered by America's Finest City (local parks and beaches won out on most days) - it became a book about a little boy and his first visit to San Diego.

The author recommends using 'horizontal' pictures but he is a tall boy so the very best ones were 'vertical'.

We are saving Legoland for his next visit but we did make it to the San Diego Zoo.

Which took care of Q is for Quack Quack and Z is for Zebra!


  1. You're on to something. . . imagine a Foodie's Alphabetic Guide to San Diego. . . or, or, or

    It's clear that "M" needs to stand for "missing that little guy."

  2. Such cute pictures!! What a wonderful tribute!