Tuesday, 23 October 2012

San Diego Public Market

This high-ceilinged former boiler factory in Barrio Logan was given a splashy paint job and is being transformed into a permanent public market.

It opened last month and two days a week (Sunday and Wednesday) is filled with vegetables, prepared food (like a tamale stand and a sushi food truck), vintage jewelry, flowers and so much more.

The curry and rice combo plate was delicious. There is a bit of scattered seating and those near me raved about their sushi rolls.

Samples were given - salsa, pumpkin bread, raw macadamia nut, slice of crunchy persimmon, watermelon cooler...

An indoor farmers market.

But this is just the first phase of a huge project destined to include special events as well as permanent shops that will open in the Spring.

There is street parking as well as a large lot in the back alley (2-way street) behind the building.


  1. Leave it to you to find the latest, greatest thing. The Google map photo for this site still shows the OLD paint job.

    Way to scoop this, Brenda Starr, ace reporter!