Friday, 19 October 2012

Halloween Mummy Candles

What is it about Halloween that brings out latent craftiness?

The urge to buy odd supplies.

Googly eyes, Mod Podge (you could probably use glue) and white gauze

Stand in the craft section debating what size 'eyes' to purchase.

I blame it on Pinterest.

Plus this has got to be the simplest Halloween project imaginable.

Take an empty glass jar (salsa jar, jelly jar, whatever). Slap on some Mod Podge (or glue) and wrap the gauze (start from the bottom) and overlap. Just before reaching the top, cut a few inches of the gauze horizontally to wrap and tie. Glue on googly eyes. Drop in a black tea light.

Light a match.


For maximum creepy ambience, set mummy candles on fireplace hearth and open doors.

This will 'light up' and expose the dust, dirt and cobwebs that have accumulated since last winter.


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  1. HA! So I have finally convinced you to try Pinterest!! Welcome to the dark side!