Friday, 30 August 2013

San Clemente

Heading north, after Camp Pendleton, there is a string of exits for Ave this and Ave that....I took Ave Presidio and headed west.

Following the Beach/Pier signs.

This is the view from the enormous parking lot.

Fancy lights compete with towering palm trees.

Hot pink bougainvillea adds a shot of color against all the green and blue.

Clock tower is easy to see from a distance.

Reminder to feed the meter, apply more sunblock, get back in time for an important meeting.

The pier stretches out and out...

and out.

Thatched roofs cover eating spots along the beach.

Trains roll by. 

Very close by.

You need to cross the railroad tracks to step on sand.

And apparently the city appreciates birds.

Yet another reason to visit this quaint beach town.

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