Sunday, 8 December 2013

Chop Chop, Whittle Whittle

Standing next to the very large, very tall, very bushy Noble Firs on the lot, our tree looked perfectly normal.

However, after we got it home, the trunk of the tree wouldn't fit in the tree stand.

Once inside, it took many shims to keep it from leaning.

The tree skirt is all but hidden from the bottom branches.

And it is nearly impossible to walk around in the room where it holds court.

It started with a saw, then a hatchet and finally a chisel and mallet.

Just before turning the tree into a totem pole, it looked like it might fit the stand.

Push, push, PUSH.....oh crap, it's stuck.

At least we had plenty of boughs for decorating the mantel.

Perhaps we should have used ONE BIG shim...

Standing upright, inside, at last!

Here's hoping that your seasonal decorating, if you partake in that sort of thing, goes much smoother than ours!

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  1. OMG! When I first saw this photo and I saw the title I thought, "Oh No! Jason's giving himself the big snip!!!!" Wheh. I'm so happy that the knife didn't slip and we have an intact Jason and a GORGEOUS tree! Happy Holidays!