Monday, 23 December 2013

Gingerbread Houses 2013

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is the evening we decorate Gingerbread Houses.

I have posted pictures of previous years here and here and here.

This year it was four of us. A small intimate gathering. Brimming with enough enthusiasm (and bowls of candy) to fill a village.

And that is exactly what we did!

My husband and I took on a village, which we referred to as CandyLand....

Houses assembled. Candy bowls filled.

Laying out the road and deciding how many trees to include.

Peppermint candy lane after melting in the oven.

Last minute details, ooops mailbox needs a flag.

Welcome to our CandyLand village - would you like a gum drop?

Our youthful guests spent time picking a theme, crafting 'jolly rancher' designs and working on miniature people.

Ta da, here is a discreet (and quite beautiful) Gingerbread Meth House featuring Walt and Jesse from the hit series Breaking Bad.

The inspiration!

Walt, Jesse, blue Jolly Rancher candy meth.....drying on the cutting board.

Such a sweet home!

Walt is out front in his hazmat suit.

Aerial shot - blow back from the explosion has landed bits of meth in snow piles.

Just before Walt and Jesse hit the ground!

A really fun tradition.

 And photo-worthy!

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