Friday, 13 December 2013

Firebox Customer Service

Ok, there is good service and then there is service with whimsy that makes you really glad that you purchased the following to put in your husband's stocking for Christmas.

Here is the $13.09 bike gadget.

(Because bikers need every gadget under the sun)

But, even better,  here is the email response after I ordered it:

Hi, Ms. -------,

Thanks very much for your order. You really are rather nice. 

This "exciting" email is to confirm a few things you probably already

1. Your online shopping skills are truly exceptional. 
2. Firebox has strong feelings for you. 
3. See 1 & 2. 

Just in case you were possessed by aliens/malevolent spirits intent on a
high-quality impulse buying spree, here’'s a confirmation of what you/they

Order number ------, placed on the 13th December 2013.

Your box of goodies will contain:
1 x Bike SpokeLit                        @   13.09 USD =      13.09 USD
    Standard. Shipping:                                        5.31 USD
    Total:                                                    18.40 USD

    Amount paid using cards:                                  18.40 USD

Our warehouse team will slip it (carefully) into our hand-folded packaging
and have it on its way to the address below as soon as possible. (Most
orders ship within 2 working days, but for personalised or direct despatch
items, check the product page).

We'll even drop you another email to let you know once it’s out the door.
Remember, please allow 2 working days for your order to leave our busy
Christmas warehouse.

Until we meet again, stay out of trouble.



We stand by our products, and that’s why we offer a 30 day Return Policy;
so if there are any issues just let us know. 

If you want to chat, hit us up on 0800 044 5010 (UK Free phone) or 0044 20
33683410 (International call rates). Alternatively, you can reply to this
email or collar us at

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  1. I kind of want to order one just so I can get a nice letter like that!