Monday, 8 December 2014

Idyllwild, California

It is a mountain resort located in the San Jacinto Mountains in Riverside County.

The mayor is a dog. You heard me, A DOG. And so are the deputy mayors.

There are dogs everywhere in Idyllwild.

And everyone knows everyone (I am referring to the locals). This is a typical conversation:

     Woman and Boy ahead of us in movie line: Hi!

     Movie Theatre Lady: Well hello, how is your Dad doing? Back on his feet yet?                        

And this goes on for a several minutes.

In addition to the overall friendliness/helpfulness, the scenery is spectacular and the village is charming.

Fire is a serious danger and Smokey the Bear offers a warning.

Street sign in a residential area.

Store front.

Politicos of Idyllwild.

Mayor Max of Idyllwild. Very friendly.

Monument in center of town.

Colorful deer.

Another deer sighting.

Clerk has a whole box of seasonal hats at home that customers gave her!

Library has good deals on paperbacks. And they can break a $20.

Local signage.

Is that a panda on the roof?

Christmas tree.

Try the bacon cheese strata at the corner bakery.

Movie theatre where they pass out cushions and blankets as you walk in.


  1. I love this. I have NEVER been there!!

    1. You MUST go - so charming - take Pancake along!