Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Neptune's Pool is on my Bucket List

I have wanted to swim in this pool since the first time I visited Hearst Castle.

Not sure how old I was.

But the desire to do so is just as strong today!

Right now, the beautiful pool is going through a restoration project and the website states: the Neptune Pool was drained in order to perform maintenance projects on the plumbing and the tile work, as well as conservation work on the marble statuary.

Blah blah blah this just means that it will be in better shape when I dive in at some future date.

Yes, only employees can swim (and then just a few times during the summer months) and yes, there is a hiring freeze at the castle right now.*

No problem, I will not be deterred.

Some day I plan to swim in this pool. When the construction is done. When it is full of water again.

Fingers crossed, I will get an opportunity!

* How do I know all this? It is common knowledge if you search the internet and I grilled the ticket taker, the bus driver and just about every employee I could get my hands on last week, for verification.

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